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Medication Administration

The Skaneateles Central School District's Health Offices are here to support your child's health and academic success which includes providing your child with necessary medication.
The policy for students receiving medication in school is very specific and must be adhered to strictly by New York State law.
  1. No medication will be given in school without a written physician's order.  This order must include the student's name, name of medication, dosage, time and dates to be administered.  The medication must be in it's original packaging and may not be opened or re-packaged.  
  2. A written request signed by the parent must be executed and is kept in the Health Office as permission to administer medication as ordered by the student's physician.
  3. The medication MUST be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian or a responsible adult.
  4. Over the counter medication (ie Tylenol, cough drops, Motrin, etc.) is considered medication that requires a physician's order to administer.  The same guidelines as prescription medication applies no matter what the medication being administered.
  5. If your child requires medication during school hours for a short period of time (ie antibiotics for a week, etc.) the same policy applies as written above.  You will need to obtain a physician's order and deliver the medication to the school in it's original packaging and sign for permission.
  6. ALL medication will be kept in the schools Health Office throughout the time it is ordered by your physician to be administered.  Students may NOT carry medications with them at school.  Students with consent to carry life-saving medication will receive direction through the Health Office at their school.
  7. All medication orders MUST be renewed each school year (ie NEW order from your physician and NEW permission sheets must be signed) and all medication MUST be picked up at the Health Office at the end of the school year.  Medication not claimed at the end of the school year will be disposed of.
Please contact the Health Office at your child's school if you have specific requests or have any questions.
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