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Skaneateles School District
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Focus on the Future at Jan. 25 forum

Save the date! 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 25 at Waterman School

Focus is on the future at January 25 State of the District community forum

Whether they are number-crunching for a budget, working with architects to plan for renovations or interviewing candidates for a job, SCS officials have one end goal in mind: preparing students K-12 to be ready for their future.
How is that goal going to be met?
That is the subject of a community forum (or State of the District address) to be held at 7 p.m.  Wednesday, January 25, in the Waterman School auditorium. 
Community members are invited to learn about the 2017-18 budget, Project 2021 (for which there will be a vote next fall) and educational initiatives – all which go back to that end goal of ensuring that each and every student leaves SCS READY for the next steps on their chosen pathway.
Thinking of students and of the future is critical when making every decision in the district, said Superintendent Ken Slentz.  From planned work on the physical buildings to the building of skillsets in educators and the building of a budget – all must focus on student readiness for the future.
 “In education, we tend to spend a lot of time preparing kids for our present. Instead, we need to prepare them for their future … which will be full of things we can’t even conceive of right now,” he said.
While the upcoming building project focuses on safety and security, it also considers contemporary research and the flexibility that will be needed for a more innovative educational model in the future. “This proactive approach will ensure that our limited school funding is targeted toward improved teaching and learning,” Slentz said.
Being innovative is key.  When the district goes in to make necessary changes to areas that are still original to the 1950s construction (removing asbestos, updating single pane windows, etc.) there is a wonderful opportunity to make improvements with the future in mind.
At the session, Slentz will share this vision, which guides district leaders and the Strategic Planning Committee. Please attend to discover – and to give feedback about – the planning and thinking that will impact our schools and generations to come.
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