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"Admissions Game" returns Feb. 8

Save the date!  “The Admission Game®” comes to Skaneateles
Interactive workshop demystifies the college admission process
Peter Van Buskirk will present “The Admission Game” in the Skaneateles High School auditorium at 7 p.m. Wednesday, February 8. Families with students in high school will find the content of the two-hour program insightful and useful. Juniors and their parents are urged to attend.
A different program will be presented to sophomores and juniors on Thursday during the school day. Students who are able are encouraged to attend both the evening and the daytime presentations because the content is different, said Counselor Barb Drozynski. “The evening program includes a behind-the-scenes discussion about college planning … where you will learn about the hidden agendas and gain insight into how decisions are made.”
Skaneateles is partnering with Marcellus, said Drozynski. Skaneateles families who cannot attend that Wednesday evening should mark their calendars for the previous night.  Van Buskirk will present in the Marcellus High School auditorium at 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 7.
 “What are colleges looking for in my application? Which courses should I take? When should I visit colleges? What do they want to see in my essay? How do I go about paying for college?” These and many other questions are on the minds of students and will be addressed at these sessions.
Van Buskirk, former dean of admission at Franklin & Marshall College and author of Winning the College Admission Game, presents strategies that ease the stress while helping families navigate the high-stakes college admission process.
Every year, Van Buskirk engages thousands of college-bound students and their parents around the country. Using concepts such as the “Pyramid of Selectivity,” “Hotspots and Hooks” and the “Hidden Agenda,” he transforms eager audiences into admission committees at a fictitious college where they determine the fates of four candidates.
“As the competition to get into college increases, students need to remain grounded in their priorities,” said Van Buskirk. “By demystifying the admission process, I help them find that focus while bringing clarity and relevance to a topic that is otherwise complex and stressful. Students see themselves in the candidates they are reviewing. The ‘light goes on’ as they begin to see the effect of choices they make in high school.”
Recent audience members had this to say:
“Very refreshing! Truly inspiring and life-altering!” (Student, Hackensack, NJ)
“This program calmed my college nerves. I feel more confident in the process now.” (Student, Boulder, CO)
“Brilliant, passionate, fantastic! Thanks for breaking the code and sharing with us!” (Parent, Philadelphia, PA)
“I was blown away by what you had to say. You cleared up many of the myths!” (Parent, Falls Church, VA)
Founder of Best College Fit®, Van Buskirk’s weekly advice column can be found at In addition, his commentary on the college admission process has appeared in Family Circle, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He was interviewed by Jean Chatzky on Oprah and Friends and his video interview with senior education reporter, Kim Clark, appears on the U.S. News & World Report website.
CONTACT at Skaneateles High School:  Barb Drozynski, 315-291-2233 or
CONTACT for Van Buskirk: Jennifer Eaton, Director of Community Relations
Phone: (717) 575-2209
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