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Conference day focused on "keeping our promise"

While students in Skaneateles Central Schools enjoyed the day off during a  recent Staff Development Day, staff members were meeting, learning and talking about ways to provide positive and successful learning experiences for all students.  The conference day was titled “Keeping our Promise – Guaranteeing One Year’s Growth for Each of Our Students”.
A large group of faculty met with Tommy Thompson to focus on the development of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria which better allow students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills demanded by the standards.
Teacher assistants and aides focused on how to best work with students with disabilities in a session led by Gary Gerst, pictured above. In addition, Josh Hares, who worked with students on the autism spectrum for six years before coming to SCS this year, led a discussion and shared information and videos. “All students should be viewed as general education students first,” he said.
At the welcome session with the entire staff, Superintendent Ken Slentz gave updates on the 2017-18 budget and Project 2021. He told staff how to stay informed by going on line.

For example, the board recently adopted the budget calendar, which can be seen here:
For constant updates, visit our website and click on District on the top bar.  Updates can be found under the top three categories. (Administration, Board of Education, and Buildings & Grounds).
Slentz also outlined the purpose of Project 2021.  Much work on the plan will be done between now and next November, when the project will be put before voters. The $25-$30 million project tackles remaining areas of our buildings that are original to construction with the goal of making all facilities welcoming, safe and secure. Constant updates will be provided on our website.  Go here for an introduction: See the timeline as well under downloads (under the District tab, go to Project 2021). A current download is titled SKANEATELES CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT PROPOSED CAPITAL PROJECT PLANNING TIMELINE.
Slentz said the project is “a shadow of the project that was rejected by voters in 2014. In addition to careful planning and input, communication will be key. “Message X 1000,” Slentz said, “so that people truly know what is needed, what we are doing, what their tax dollars are buying.”
The project, and payment for the project, has been carefully timed for when other debt is retiring. As a result, taxpayers will see a minimal increase in taxes. While making all parts of the facility safe and secure, attention will be paid to ensure that new designs are based on contemporary research so as to maximize learning, Slentz told staff. In addition, proposals will be “designed to be responsive to multiple pedagogical/instructional needs … and designed to reduce operating costs and to increase energy efficiencies.”  
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