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Life Processes and Chemistry of Life Study Guide
1.name and describe the four activities of metabolism
  • Ingestion- take in nutrients
  • Digestion-break down nutrients
  • Respiration- To use or release energy from food
  • Excretion- eliminate wastes from the body
2.name and describe the 2 types of reproduction in organisms
  • Asexual- producing offspring with only one parent
  • Sexual- producing offspring with two parents
3.List the other life processes of living things besides metabolism and reproduction
  • Respond to a stimulus
  • Grow and develop
  • Adaptation
  • Living things are organized
4.define the cell
  • The smallest part of a living thing that can perform all life processes
5.label the diagram of the atom—these parts should be labeled
  • neutron- found in the nucleus, no charge
  • proton- found in the nucleus, positive charge
  • electron- found orbiting around the nucleus, negative charge
  • nucleus- central part that contains the neutrons and protons
6. Describe the difference between an atom and a molecule
  • An atom is the smallest part of an element and a molecule is the smallest part of a compound
7Give an example of the four organic compounds
  • Carbohydrates- sugars and starches
  • Proteins- meats, dairy and nuts
  • Lipids- fats, oils and waxes
  • Nucleic acids- DNA and RNA
8Describe the function of each organic compound
  • Carbs- provides an organism energy
  • Proteins- used by cells to grow, repair, and reproduce
  • Lipids-Provide an organism with energy when no carbs are available
  • Nucleic acids- delivers, copies and stores genetic info.
  1.  Give the 2 functions of water in living things
  2. Transports materials and photosynthesis in plants




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