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Immigration and 2nd Industrial Revolution

Second Industrial Revolution; Immigration
Learn more about the people who changed and developed our country.  Some of what you learn may surprise you!

Tenement Museum Virtual TourImage result for library of congress tenement
 Ongoing "Virtual Tour" using prepared video and audio clipsImage result for library of congress immigration us 19th century
 Scholastic Virtual Tour - 3rd grade clases took a Virtual Field trip -- we can call to see if they'll do this again for Middle School students....

Photo-journey to Ellis Island (with Irish music)

Assume the role of a Jewish immigrant as you play this interactive game! (Mission US:  City of Immigrants)

Look at the homelands of Immigrant groups.  Write a letter to one of your ancestors reflecting your knowledge of their country and their desire to come to America.  Welcome them and explain some of the problems and the joys they will have here.
 Take a "virtual field trip" with your class to the "Cowgirl Hall of Fame".  ("During the 1800s, many immigrants traveled to the United States. Their reasons for coming were varied, but most were searching for a fresh start. This program explores what it was like to enter the U.S. through Ellis Island, and examines some of the stories of the Cowgirl Hall of Fame Honorees focusing on why they came to America and their experiences upon arrival. ")
Read about the "industrial boom time" in Syracuse.  (Did you know right where Fowler HS is now, the Franklin plant was once the 3rd largest car manufacturing plant in the country?)  Describe how Henry Ford and others influenced Syracuse.
 Image result for library of congress immigration us 19th century

Learn about a  number of "settlement houses."  Investigate one and describe its history and ongoing activities.
Plan a trip to Ellis Island.  Create a timeline and a budget.  
Plan a trip to lower Manhattan with your friends.  A bus ticket from Syracuse to the Port Authority is about $45.  You could stay at the Fairfield Marriott for about $75 per student.  Plan which subway or bus lines you would take to visit the Tenement Museum, a settlement house and the Statue of Liberty. Check it out on Google Earth.  Look at the distances and the buildings and see if your plan would work.   Share your plan with Mrs. O'Connell (who loves to travel and would be happy to accompany you :-)
If you've been to Chautauqua, describe that experience.  Read about its history and mission.  How has the purpose and mission of Chautauqua changed?  Do other facets of our culture now do what Chautauqua once did for 5,000,000 Americans?
 Cook something that your ancestors may have eaten!
Read about your ethnic origins (or choose one.)  Cook one of the dishes in this book (An Edible History) and describe it.  If you want to share it with the class, make arrangements to make it in the FACS room or purchase it!
Compare the criteria developed by the Associated Press for accurate newspaper reporting to the criteria developed for submitting articles on Reddit.  Here's more on why you should care.

Check out a book from the MS Library describing the immigrant experience. Read Shutting Out the Sky--available in the MS library (307.764.)  Write a letter to one of the characters in the book reflecting on their experiences and comparing them to your own or those of one of your ancestors.
(Mrs. O'C -- add to this!)
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