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Middle School Drama

Drama Club

Tech savvy middle school drama kids - 
For memorizing your lines/songs:

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Handout from May 1, 2014.  Acting Techniques and Characterization (Internal and External)

I.  Techniques  - pick one to talk about next week:
Meisner  - instincts/react to the moment
Uta Hagen – Like Strasberg – effective memory/substitution
Stanislovsky – Method
Adler – (Stan.) imagination – “I am” (Deniro/Brando)
Strasberg – emotional/effective memory (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Pacino, Newman)
Meisner – React to the moment.  Actor as a blank slate
Adler – empathize with the character – have their feelings
Strasberg – think about your own past and let it come out.
II.  Warmups:  (pick one and be ready to teach it next week) –
III.  **  Read your script at least a couple of times – it is short – this should not take long!!
IV.  *** Characterization:
1.  Pick a character from the script.
2.  Figure out:
Internal aspect!
a.  Background.  What can you discover about his family, environment, occupation, education, interests, and hobbies?
b.  Mental characteristics.  Is he intelligent, clever, dull, slow, average?
c.  Spiritual qualities.  What are his ideals?  What is his belief, ethical code, religion?  What is his attitude toward other people and toward life?
d.  Emotional characteristics.  Is he confident, outgoing, happy, poised?  Is he sullen, confused, nervous, cynical, timid?  What are his likes and dislikes?  How does he respond to other people?  How is his temperament similar to yours?  How is it different?
***   Motivating Desire.  What does your character want?
***  Action.  What your character will do to satisfy his wishes.
External Qualities.
a.  Posture.  Is it slumped, stiff, relaxed, attractive?  Does it suggest timidity, assuredness, awkwardness, grace?
b.  Movement and gesture.  Does it convey poise, nervousness, weakness, strength?  Does your character walk with a stride, plod, shuffle, bounce?  How does his movement indicate age, health, attitude?
c.  Mannerisms.  Does he bite his nails, clear his throat, keep his hands in his pockets, chew gum, scratch his head when he is thinking, doodle on paper?
d.  Voice.  Is it pleasant, high pitched, resonant?  Does your character have a twang, a drawl?
e.  Dress.  Is his appearance neat, casual, sloppy, prim, clean, dirty?  Are his clothes in good taste, flashy, fashionable?
V.  Invite others to join us – bring a friend!    

May 15th:
Games we like, so far:  string/ribbon tension; Counting 1-20; 

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