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“Water for Life” by Ariel Mead

The seventh grade of Skaneateles Middle School made a difference with a program by CEO Craig Kielburger.  The inspirational program called Free the Children is about raising money to either give families in poverty water for life, or give them livestock.
Our teacher, Joshua Williams, had decided to introduce all of us – his 63 seventh graders – to the program by having them read the informational essay by the CEO himself featured in the new textbooks.
After we all read the essay, Mr. Williams had us reflect and answer questions about the informational text.  Then we researched more about the topic on the program’s website, where we explored and learned more about the troubles around the world and what unlucky people have to go through every day.
Mr. Williams had us take notes to keep our knowledge fresh.  We also did a presentation to tell our teacher what information we gathered from this important project.
Everything we learned from the beginning of the project lead to the crucial decision of what donation package we would like to give.  After discussions and debates we made the rational decision to give the gift of clean water for life to a family in need.
Every student was asked to bring in $2 to contribute to this donation. (Of course this was optional).  In total, we brought in over 3/4th of the required money to donate.  Mr. Williams made up the remaining money required for the donation.
The seventh graders of Skaneateles Middle School have changed the lives of a family by donating to the helpful program Free the Children.
I would like to thank Joshua Williams for investing time and money into trying to help the lives of others, which he did. He also multiplied the good, because he taught every one of us how to evaluate and select a good cause, and how it is possible to make a difference. He showed us how good it can feel.
Thank you seventh graders!  May you also help others in the future, one step at a time.
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