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"OTTM is sport of the mind"

"OTTM is sport of the mind" writes student Marissa Reilly in the article below. A member of the Skaneateles team that placed third at the state competition, Marissa writes from the view of an insider. Ever wondered what OOTM is all about? Read this!
by Marissa Reilly
What makes a good OOTM team?  When asked, Marc Sapareto said, “Teamwork is the key to success.”  Sapareto is a student at Skaneateles Middle School and a recent third place winner at the NYS OOTM Competition.  There is nothing more exciting than winning a competition, so if you aren’t the sporty type , but still love a good competition, Odyssey of the Mind is for you.
        Lexie Cottrill of Skaneateles Middle School said, “I had the most amazing year with my team and coaches!  We worked hard and we are an amazing team.  I couldn’t have done this without the support of my teammates, coaches and family!” 
        The picture above features the third place winners:  Marissa Reilly, Emma Tidd, Devin Churchill, Marc Sapareto, Alex Moro, and Lexie Cottrill.  Not pictured:  Connor Kenan.
        Ten Skaneateles teams went to States and three placed in the top 5.  This year’s problems were “No-Cycle Recycle”, “Something Fishy”, “Aesop Gone Viral”, “Stack Attack”, and “Fins, Furs, Feathers and Friends”.  If you are too young to join a Division I team (grades 3-5), you can join a primary team (grades K-2).  This year’s primary problem was “Stir the Pot”.  I truly believe more people should become interested in OOTM because it’s a “sport” of the mind.
  In OOTM friends are made and people grow.  As a team member myself, I can attest to this.  Odyssey is not just about winning.  It’s about friendship and being brave enough to get up in front of judges and act out an eight-minute skit.  It is about having fun and finding out who you are.  It’s a great way to get in an extracurricular activity if you don’t like sports.  Pins arrive annually.  They are a great collection item.  Trading them is amazing!  And never forget the hot glue or duct tape.  Those things save lives.
~ Marissa Reilly
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