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Skaneateles School District
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Important letter from the Board of Ed

Dear community member,
I write to clarify a proposition that you will find on this year's school district ballot.  On May 17 district voters will vote on five propositions. Four propositions deal directly with school issues as introduced in mailings and planned for upcoming public discussion. The fifth proposition, however – funding for the Skaneateles Public Library – is on the school ballot by virtue of a New York State education law requirement.  Specifically, if a public library wishes to seek public funding, like the Skaneateles Public Library this year, the only way is by community vote. And the only way for the community to vote is by proposition on the school district ballot.  The library vote is a standalone proposition under New York State law, not connected to the school district or school budget in any way, shape or form.  While libraries are important cultural institutions, the community must determine – separate from four school district propositions – whether tax dollars should support the local public library.
In the weeks ahead, you will continue to receive information on the school district budget and the four school propositions. Should you have related questions, please attend upcoming board meetings, attend the May 3rd community budget forum, visit the school district website (go to or contact Ken Slentz, our school district superintendent.  Should you have questions on the Skaneateles Public Library proposition, please contact Scott Elia, library president.
On behalf of the board of education, thank you for your steadfast support of our school district and our students.
Tom Lambdin
Board of Education president
Skaneateles Central School District
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