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Skaneateles School District
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Dancing to learn science

Students in Maureen Collier’s life science classes learn some important lessons while doing the Mitosis Square Dance.
They learn the steps of mitosis by acting out the major DNA events through dance. “In this activity, the some students volunteered to be ‘chromosomes’ and the rest of the class was the ‘cell membrane’,” Collier explains. 
During "Prophase" the student chromosomes are in pairs (doing a little do-si-do), which then leads to "Metaphase" where those pairs line up in the middle just like during the cell cycle. 
Curriculum Coordinator Ella Briand happened to stop in and catch the action. “This is great,” she said. “I love that students get physically involved in learning their academic vocabulary and then have a sense of what each part of the cell does by enacting it in the dance.”

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