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Intensifying art with critiques

Whenever students finish a project in Studio or Advanced Art, they have a Group Critique day. Everyone takes their work out into the hall and hangs it up. “I tell them that it is almost as if they are showing their art in a gallery,” explains teacher Jessica Sawchuk.
They study each other’s projects and then choose one piece to critique. They describe, analyze, and interpret the work – and then they give helpful advice that will enable the artist to improve, or share why they feel the piece is a success and needs no more editing. “After they spend this quiet time thinking and writing, we discuss each piece as a group,” she said.
“This activity allows students to learn from each other, and to share their experiences, trials and successes openly and in a helpful way. Hearing feedback as well as giving it is empowering, and helps to develop an understanding of why each person is so drawn to different styles and works of art. Being able to speak about art helps us understand it, and it also helps us figure out what we can do to improve. I am always impressed and inspired by what they have to say. In each piece of art there is a story waiting to be told, and an emotion wanting to be shared, and everyone's interpretation is different. The possibilities are endless!”





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