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Mrs. Kerr's Science Class

Welcome to My Webpage!

Here is the course information for the year's curriculum.  Have fun navigating!

Course Information Sheet

Mrs. Kerr 2016-2017

Life Science



Course Description:


     This class covers the major topics of biology with an emphasis on problem solving and decision making.  It provides a greater awareness and appreciation of science through the excitement of hands on activities.  It will also focus on the use of technology and it’s impact on society and the resulting social issues.



List of Topics by Unit:


  1. General science (Includes Scientific Method, measurement, graphing)
  2. Study of Living things (microscopes, life processes and cell).
  3. Genetics, Evolution, and Classification.
  4. Simple Organisms (Monerans, Protists, and Fungi)
  5. Plants
  6. Animals (Including Humans)
  7. Ecology





    Your grade will be based on the following:                             


  1. Exams and projects ( 30%)
  2. Labs and classwork ( 25%)
  3. Quizzes ( 25%)
  4. Homework ( 20%)


*** If a student reports to class without the days assignment, he or she will receive a grade of ZERO on that assignment unless the students stays during activity period the day it is due.  At that point the student will be eligible for half credit only!




Classroom Materials:


            Students should bring the following to class everyday:


  • Covered textbook
  • Large 3”  three ring binder with a small supply of loose leaf paper
  • Sharpened pencils
  • Planners




Missed Assignments due to Absence:



     Students missing work due to absences should see me upon their return to school and obtain all missing work.  Make up work should be completed by the following day.   In cases of missed labs or tests, the student must stay during activity period to make up the work.  In cases of extended absences, special arrangements will be made to make up work.  Suggestion: Use my webpage for daily assignments.  My email address is













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