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Mr. Brown's Regents Earth Science


APES Course Description    Soil survey instructions       Practicing Drawing Isolines

Earth Science Topics

APES 2016-17


Acts and Treaties
Great resource for review of all content

Full Year Review
Energy I
Energy II
Land & Water
Living World
Graphing in Excel
Habitable Planet
Lecture PowerPoints listed below under "Downloads"
Chapters 1 & 2
Easter Island Reading
Fishkill Mystery Activity
Vocabulary Chapter 1
Vocabulary Chapter 2
Links for Chapters 1 & 2
"The Impact of Human Disturbance on Biodiversity Lab

Easter Island Article: Discover Magazine

Rethinking the fall of Easter Island

TED talks: Why Societies Collapse: Jared Diamond

Ecological Footprint

Rachael Carson Video
Chapter 3

Borneo Cats
Isle Royal
Sea Otters

Ocean Acidification
Video: Ocean Acidification
Mt. St. Helens Succession
Carbon Cycle

Chapter 4

Biome Assignment


Worlds Biomes

Ocean Acidification
Chapter 5




Cane Toads Part I

Cane Toads Part II

Cane Toads Part III

Cane Toads Part IV

Cane Toads Part V

Chapter 6

Succession Activity
Chapter 5 & 6 review notes
More Chapter 5 &6 Review notes

Succession: Mt. St. Helens Video

Chapter 7
Easter Island
Human Populations Notes
Population Grownth Lab
Zero Population Growth Activity
Ch. 7 Textbook Question
Study Guide: Human Population

Chapter 7 Links
World Factbook
United Nations
Ecological Footprint #2
Population Ethics
Human Population: 5 expert interviews
Material World: I = PxAxT
Population Plans: China, India, Kenya
NOVA: Earth in Peril
Human Footprint Video
Population Clock
Population Census
Population Reference Bureau
Ted Talk Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling: Gapminder
Collapse Part I: Jared Diamond video
Garrett Hardin: Tragedy of the Commons
Collapse Part II: Jared Diamond
Collapse Part III: Jared Diamond
US Census Data
Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Water Unit Study Guide
Water Quality Index Activity
Water Diversion
Home Water Use Audit

Colorado River Video
USGS Water Usage
3 Gorges Dam
NPR Bottled Water
The Story of Stuff: Water
Desalination Video
Banning Bottled Water Video
Aral Sea
Mono Lake
Salton Sea
Water Footprint

Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Notes

Chapter 11

Franken Foods Assignment
Worst Mistake: Jared Diamond
Soil Questions 
Food:  Supplementary Notes
GMO assignment
ABC's of GMO
Chapter 12
3 Mile Island
Exxon: Big Tobacco Tatics??
Energy/Mining Notes
Energy Information
Arctic and Drilling Oil Info
False Promise of Biofuels
Reading Your Electric Meter
Yucca Mountain Fact Sheet
DOE Pamphlet Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Power
Study Guide Nonrenewable Energy
Chapter 12 PowerPoint
Chapter 12 Links
Sources of Energy for NYS
Online Energy Audit Project
How Stuff Works: Electricity
The Electrical Grid
Nuclear Energy: How it works
Energy use by state
Energized Learning Assignment
Peak Oil
Oil Sands Article
Fracking Video

Chapter 13
Energy Efficiency
Study Guide Renewable Energy

Time Magazine Article


Chapter 14

Oil Spill Activity
Water Quality Lab
Aral Sea, Salton Sea, Lake Chad, Nono Lake, Yangtze River, Colorado River
Aral Sea Info
Water Pollution Legistration
Water Unit Study Guide
20 Important Facts about Water

BP Oil Spill video #1
BP Oil Spill video #2
BP Oil spill video #3
BP Oil spill video #4
BP Oil Spill Video #5
Waste water treatment video
Desalination Video
Chapter 15 

Stratospheric Ozone
Air Pollution Summary
Air Pollution PPT for Test
Air Pollution

Ozone assignment

Chapter 16: Waste

Waste PowerPoint

Chapter 17: Human Health, Environmental Risks

Minamata Case Study
Everyday Exposurre to Toxic Chemicals
Brine Shrimp Lab
Chapter 17 PPT


Love Canal
Toxics in Environment
Toxics in your house
EPA Superfund Website
The Dirty Dozen
Love Canal Video
Times Beach Disaster
Chapter 18
Chapter 18 Multiple Choice answers

Chapter 19
Carbon Dioxide Assignment
Chapter 19 PPT 1
IPCC Report
Study Guide
Climate Change
Habitable Planet
Chapter 19 PPT 2

Chapter 19 Links

Lord Monckton Talk Full
Lord Monckton: Short
Rebuttal Part I
Rebuttal Part II
Rebuttal Part III
Rebuttal: Part IV
Rebuttal: Part V
Rebuttal to Al Gore by Scientist
Arguments from Climate Change Skeptics
Abraham vs. Monckton
Debunking of "Great Global Warming Swindle"
Carbon Dioxide Emissions Data for Lab

APES Review: Definitions
Outline and Sample Questions
Review: Definitions
Major Laws and Acts
Review of all Topics
Another Excellent Review Sheet

Excellent teacher site


Ecocolumn Write up and Rubric

Ecocolumn Lab Questions
Earth Science Earth Science Earth Science Earth Science

Course Outline

Drainage Basin Lab


Earth Science Animations all topics

Chris Jordan

PowerPoints by Topic

Unit 1: Latitude, Longitude, Earth Motions Notes

Unit 2: Minerals and Rocks Powerpoint

Unit: 3 Erosion Powerpoint

Unit 6: Energy Unit

Unit 7: Weather

Unit 9 Beyond Planet Earth

Unit 9: Geo-Helio and Solar System

Unit 9: Moon Phases and Earth Motion

Review Sheet by Topic




Slope on Topographic Map

Streams on Topo Map

Topographic Gradient
Weather & Climate
Practice Test
Weather Review Key
Weather Review
El Nino La Nina take home 


Cloud Type Animation
Layers of Atmosphere and Ozone
Convection Cells
Sea Breeze
Annual changes in weather
Orographic Effect
Contour Maps

Mapping Review Packet

Mapping Practice Test

Practice Drawing Contour Lines
Astronomy & Animation

Lab: Path of the Sun


Astronomy Terminology (Vocabulary)
Neave Online Planetarium
Planetarium 2
Animation of Polaris
Earth Moon Viewer
Hubble Pictures
Astronomy Animations: Please watch carefully
Astronomy Animations

All Astronomy Animations in 1 place
Several Animations (Deep Space)
Light Year Animation
Moon Phases Animation
Sideral Month Animation
Geocentric Model Animation
Retrograde Mars Animation
Kepler's 1st and 2nd laws
Weathering & Erosion

Interactive Review Test: Weathering and Erosion
Link for Lab #4 US Drainage Patterns
Interactive Review 2 Weathering and Erosion

Excellent animation for all types of weathering
Erosion Practice Questions
Excellent Review Weathering and Erosion
Stream Meander
Oxbow Lake Formation
Waterfall erosion
Weathering Erosion Notes
James Blalog Ted Talk
Glacier practice questions
Plate Tectonics & Earthquakes

Continental Drift I
Continental Drift II
Class Notes: Plate Tectonics

The Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami

Rocks and Minerals

Excellent reference for Rocks and Minerals



Test Questions: Minerals


rock tutorial

Rocks: Notes
Excellent Review Sites (use as practices quizzes)

Full Year Review


Practice Regents questions by topic

Practice Regents Questions by Topic (can download and answer key provided)

Previous Regents Exams and Answers

Fun Interactive Review

Website for review of all materials including animations
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