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Mrs. Anna's General Music

General Music
Welcome to Middle School Music and Drama


Click on the Middle School Drama page to the left to find out about our 2016/2017 Middle School Musical.

Click on the General Music or Chorus page for information about those courses.

To see and hear samples of some of our General Music projects, click on 6th Grade Movies or 7th Grade General Music (click on a name).


Music Curriculum Grade 6 6th Grade Chorus
7/8 Chorus 7th Grade General Music
8th Grade General Music  

Music Curriculum Grade 6  -  General Music

ALL GRADES:  Students will be able to:  understand written music notation; sing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music; evaluate music and music performances; understand the relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts; understand music in relation to history and culture; AND be able to think IN music.
Guitar – Focus on the BASICS, STRUMMING, CHORDS, PLAYING REPERTOIRE (alone and with others).  * Final playing exam at end.
Keyboards –  6th Grade = BASICS.  All levels = work at individual pace out of beginning level method books.  Be able to play alone and with others.  * Final playing exam at end.
Theory – Included into guitar and keyboard units.  Terms.  Signs/symbols.  Form (6th grade – ABA; 7th gr. – Theme and Variation; Music Alive  magazines (relating to all areas of theory, listening, evaluating, composing, pop art, etc.)
Composition – Each general music student will write his/her own piece of music and be able to play it (on their choice of instrument--guitar, piano, band/orchestra instrument).  6th grade – 4-8 mm.  ABA./7th grade – 8-10 mm. Theme & Variation.
Styles –6th grade students receive lessons based on various styles of American music (jazz, ragtime, swing, etc.).  These lessons will be included during our guitar and keyboard units.
Music History – Composers Resurrected.  6th graders will learn about a famous composer from a period in music history (Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic).  Each student will make their composer come alive by researching the composer as well as the time period and present the information in the form of a short movie.  Click on the link on the left to see an example. 
Singing6th grade students will receive ensemble singing instruction.  They will learn to read 2 and 3-part music in various pop and rock-n-roll styles.
Musical Theatre – Each level will watch a video of a musical theatre production.  Throughout the show, class will discuss all aspects of the performance (singing, acting, dancing, lighting design, set design, costume/makeup, etc.)

**  for mini composition project:
(copy and paste this address)

6th Grade Chorus

Hold Fast to Your Dreams


6th Graders:

Here are some listening links for the songs on our upcoming concert

For all-county:



7th Grade General Music

Welcome to 7th Grade General Music


Link for Composers/Listening Lesson

Use the following links for How Do We Paint Sound worksheets:

Biography portion


Jazz Age worksheet


8th Grade General Music


You finally made it to 8th grade....

You finally get to study nothing but Rock-n-Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click below for an outline of the next 10 weeks.



Rock Hall of Fame classroom work:


For 12-bar blues Assignment:  -  use this as you hand out sheet/staff paper and have already gone over the blues scale and the 3 chords!   -  BB King lesson – 8 bar blues  -n PBS – Eric Clapton – Nothin but the blues concert series!!!!


For Final Project (in a pinch worksheet...):

Helpful websites for 8th grade pop music montage project




1960 ‘s:




All Eras:




Other Groups:

  (that we did not study)




Nat King Cole                          Johnny Cash                             Tony Bennett

Perry Cuomo                            Bill Haley & the Comets           Pat Boone

Chubby Checker                      Bobby Darrin                           Dean Martin



 Monkeys                                  Smokey Robinson                    Janice Joplin

Everly Bros.                             The Byrds                                Jimi Hendrix

Marvin Gaye                            Yardbirds                                 Stevie Wonder




 Simon & Garfunkel                     Jackson 5                                 The Carpenters

Led Zeppelin                              Santana                                    Dionne Warwick

Elton John                                 John McClean                            Chicago

The - Steve Miller Band               Jim Croce                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd

America                                    Jefferson Starship                      The Eagles



 Blondie                         Billy Joel                                   Captain & Tenille

Pat Benatar                              Air Supply                                Styx

ACDC                                     J. Geils Band                             The Go-Go's

Foreigner                                   Daryl Hall And John Oates          Michael Jackson

Sting                                         Cindy Lauper                             Duran Duran

Prince                                       Bruce Springsteen                     Madonna 

Phil Collins                                Huey Lewis & the News



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