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SEF-SAC Speaker Series Committee Welcomes Bill Berthel as First Speaker of the Year

The Student Advisory Council of the Skaneateles Education Foundation recently presented its first speaker of the year: Professional leadership coach Bill Berthel. Students in grades nine through 12 heard from Berthel in the High School Auditorium on Friday, March 4. During his visit, Berthel explained that he "found his calling" as a professional leadership coach, and encouraged students to find their own callings in life. 

Prior to Berthel's presentation, students were asked to view an introductory video and fill out a self-assessment survey. Upon completing the survey, students were given a list that detailed their character strengths; some examples are self-regulation, leadership, humility, and more. While meeting with the students, Berthel further explained the meanings of each character strength and emphasized that everyone has the ability to build upon strengths. He encouraged students to journal daily to further explore those strengths and to address their weaknesses, if they desired. 

After the large group discussion, students had the opportunity to ask Berthel more questions in a smaller, VIP experience.

Bill Berthel

Skaneateles High School students engage with Bill Berthel during his presentation.
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