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Vocabulary consists of all the words we know and use.  In literacy, these can include four different types:


Listening vocabulary – the words we have acquired from birth on. We listen to others and understand the meaning of the words they say.


Speaking Vocabulary – after listening to words from the time we are born, we then begin to speak.  It is how we communicate with those around us each day.  Engaging in conversations with your child frequently, and reading higher-level stories to them can increase their knowledge of vocabulary words. 


Reading Vocabulary – the printed words that we see in books.  We need to recognize the word in print and also understand what it means.  Sight word vocabulary in the early stages of literacy development is very important!


Writing Vocabulary – the words we can write and use to communicate in many ways.  In the primary grades we begin with writing words, then move on to sentences and paragraphs.  We also can use our writing vocabulary to write letters, lists and creative stories.




Explore the interactive games and activities below that focus on building vocabulary!







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