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Job Shadowing

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Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard
at work worth doing.
- Theodore Roosevelt (from "The Square Deal" Labor Day speech, Syracuse, NY)

Skaneateles High School Job Shadowing Program 
At Skaneateles High School, students are encouraged to explore careers in any way possible … through parents and family friends, special programs and courses, and actual job shadowing that is arranged through school.  The key: explore! Test things out.  Step out of the traditional school day.  Talk to people in various careers. Think about your skills and interests.  Imagine yourself in the future. 
Optional job shadowing program requires student involvement and motivation
In this optional program we encourage students to explore careers in a variety of ways.  Participation depends on the desire and follow-through of the student. Parent participation is welcome as well (to keep things moving, to provide ideas, etc.).
Program objective
The program is designed to give students an opportunity to explore careers, often by spending time on the job.  Experiences depend on the type of career, the suggestions of the host/mentor and the interest level of the student.  Most shadowing experiences are for part of one day.  Some expand into longer-term arrangements. Students often find the experiences exciting, interesting and empowering.  Mentors really enjoy our students and are happy to help. For jobs that can’t really be shadowed, mentors come to school to talk with students.
Shadowing times and dates
When possible, job shadows will be scheduled after school hours, on weekends, school holidays and school vacations.  However, it is often necessary to schedule a student for a job shadow experience during part of the school day. It is an excused absence from class but does count as an absence on the attendance record.  All classroom and homework assignments must be gotten from teachers and handed in on time.
Requirements for participation

  • The first step is for students to turn a Registration Form with Parent Permission into the guidance office or the job shadowing office. The registration form can be found under "useful documents" at left.
  • Students must initiate participation by stopping in to discuss possible opportunities with Mrs. Ruhlman.  (Best bet:  bring the completed registration form with you and sit down to talk!)  For this to work, students must follow through by responding to call downs and emails about the opportunities.  In short, the students must take the lead. Parents can help as well, by staying in contact through email and by encouraging follow-through by students.  Contact Lori Ruhlman at
  • Students will be given a short occupational research form about the career they will shadow to complete before the visit is scheduled.  This helps students prepare for and get the most out of the job shadow experience. They will also be given a list of suggested questions to ask.
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the job shadow.  If transportation is a problem, we will help look for a solution.
  • Within five days of the job shadow, students must write a thank you letter and complete a one-page evaluation form.  Both should be turned in to the job shadowing office or the guidance office. When one job shadow opportunity is completed, a student may begin again.  There is no limit! Many students go out more than once.

“You have brains in your head; you have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
 From “Oh the Places You’ll go” by Dr. Seuss 
Job Shadowing Video
Guidelines and forms
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