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Skaneateles School District
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BOE Welcomes Superintendent Knuth

To the Skaneateles Community:
On behalf of the Skaneateles school district, we welcome Mr. Eric Knuth as our District Superintendent!  Mr. Knuth joins Skaneateles as Superintendent of Schools at a time of great opportunity and the Skaneateles Board of Education is looking forward to working closely with Mr. Knuth, the entire school team, and all district residents to create our best possible school system, with each day bringing new challenges to traditional approaches.  Working with our dedicated school administrators, gifted faculty members, and devoted staff, Mr. Knuth will help determine how public education will resonate with each and every student not only during the upcoming 2020-21 school year, but for years beyond.
No one person has all the answers to the challenges that schools face today, but each new circumstance provides a new opportunity to learn and grow as a district.  Only by speaking with students, employees, parents, and residents do we understand each other’s circumstances more compassionately and can we set attainable, informed goals.  Under COVID-19, any and all plans must be subject to adjustment.  Yet the overarching goal of at least a year of fulfilling learning for each calendar year remains a constant.  As we develop plans and receive directives, we pledge to keep all residents informed as quickly as we can to allow adjustments for the new school year in whatever form the framework must take.
Today, as lake waves settle from our pioneers in the Class of 2020 who now emerge into their lives after high school, let us celebrate the new potential that we all have ahead of us.  During the coming weeks, we invite you to give a call or send a note to Mr. Knuth to introduce yourselves, to share your aspirations for the future, and to discuss how we can best reach the needs of each and every student in the Skaneateles school district.  In the community continuum, be they our children at one end, our seniors at the other, and everyone between, the opportunity for us all to work together as protective, concerned citizens has never been greater.
With deepest regards,
The Skaneateles Board of Education

Kerry Brogan, Dan Evans, Danielle Fleckenstein, Gary Gerst, Mike Kell, Tom Lambdin, and Sue Murphy

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Eric Knuth
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