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8th Graders Explore Power of Breakout EDU

SKANEATELES, NY (November 3, 2017) – Mrs. Ranalli’s eighth grade students at Skaneateles Middle School recently explored the power of Breakout EDU in the Skaneateles Middle School library.

The Breakout EDU system plan was a combined effort between Mrs. Ranalli and middle school Media Coordinator, Kelly Gunderson.  The plan was designed to introduce students to their next story, A Retrieved Reformation, featuring a former safecracker.


The Breakout EDU kit allows for facilitation of games where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open a locked box.  Games are available for all ages and content areas.


Students had 30 minutes to crack the code on the box using clues and the Breakout EDU system.  As a group, they collaborated and found the keys that were hidden around the library to open the box in order to find their classwork and new story.


Breakout EDU provides learners with many opportunities to fail forward.  Every unsuccessful attempt to open a lock forces players to try again.

“This game really transferred ownership of the students learning from the teacher and engaged them in thinking critically, communicating, and being creative,” said Gunderson.


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