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High School Scheduling Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are having a great summer and are looking forward to the first day of school on September 6th.  Student schedules will be mailed out on Friday, September 1st and will include homeroom and locker assignments.  They will also be available to view and print from your School Tool account on Sept. 1stFreshman students will receive their schedules at Freshman Orientation on Monday, August 28th
Why aren’t schedules sent out sooner? – Scheduling is a very lengthy and complex process with many moving parts.  Counselors are tasked with making sure their students have the courses they want to take, fitting them into the periods where they are offered and then making sure classes are not overloaded. 
2017-2018 Scheduling process and timeline
Students met with their counselors to choose their courses for next year Last March through end of school year
Counselors enter all courses into the master schedule and review individual student caseloads for scheduling conflicts.  Some students are then called and asked to provide second and third choices in course selections. Counselors then begin the process of balancing the master schedule.  June 26th through
July 14th
Over the course of the summer, all students have had a chance to contemplate the course decisions that were made earlier in the Spring and many decide that they want to make changes.  These changes directly impact the master schedule (i.e., adding, dropping sections, period changes, etc.). Through-out summer vacation
Counselors work to make all the changes that have been requested over the summer and begin the process of re-balancing the entire master schedule.  This requires moving students’ classes around to different periods so that classes are not overloaded.  (Unfortunately, not all requests are possible due to limited availability of course offerings). August 28th through August 31st
Because we want student’s schedules to reflect the most recent changes, schedules are not sent out until these internal changes have been made.  September 1st
Final changes are made to some students’ schedules
*Please be assured that your son or daughter will not be negatively affected by these last minute changes and teachers will make sure that he or she has everything needed to get off to a good start! 
first 3 days of school
*Please note that school counselors are not 12 month employees.  Their work year typically begins the last week in August and ends the second week in July. 
Students who wish to change their schedules may sign up to see their counselor on the following dates:
Seniors & Freshman – Wednesday, September 6th
Juniors – Thursday, September 7th
Sophomores – Friday, September 8th
Can my child come into school early to set up his or her locker?
Because the high school will be undergoing renovations right up until school starts, many of the corridors where lockers are located have been blocked off.  Students may come into school as early as 7:25am on the first day of school if they need extra time setting up their lockers.   Homeroom starts at 7:52.    
We value your partnership and look forward to your support and participation in making this a successful and productive year in your child’s life.

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