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Waterman Parents: Water Update as of Wednesday

Attention Waterman Parents: We will once again be using bottled water today as we have not yet received the go ahead to utilize our drinking fountains/water stations. With this in mind, thanks so much for your tolerance of and assistance with keeping us moving yesterday. From my observations it was quite seamless. Also, I wanted to make you aware of the actions that we are taking to ensure the health and safety of your kids and you while in the building.

1. Water testing - fo...llowing Department of Health protocols, we are testing the potable water sources to ensure proper water purity.

2. Mold prevention - we have a 3 stage process set up with the first stage - dehumidification - already underway. The next stage - sanitization (fully eco-friendly) will take place once we have humidity levels where we'd like them. The final stage, heating/drying the dirt floor, will take place thereafter.

3. Structural soundness - the structural engineer from our architectural firm has inspected and signed off on the structural integrity of the building. While we were not terribly worried about this given that the water was not rushing through the building, we nonetheless wanted to be certain that there were no issues.

astly, while this was certainly an extraordinary event by our measures, SED may disagree and we are working to determine whether we will have to make the day up to ensure that we receive all of our state aid for the year. We hope to have this resolved by week's end and will communicate with you accordingly.

Thanks again and please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Ken Slentz
Skaneateles Central Schools

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