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Look who was Caught Giving Their Extra Ten Percent!

 We’re all doing it, but please join us in congratulating the staff who were nominated for The Laker Way award for January 2017!  (*Dan Kurzen was the only one available for the photograph and represented "Team Brain Freeze").
I wanted to nominate Josh Hares. First, he always goes above and beyond for his students by staying in close contact with all of their teachers, service providers, and their parents.  He always communicates incredibly well with all and making highly productive relationships (which is time consuming). He makes sure that his students feel cared about; whether this is by bringing in rewards that are tailored to individuals or making fun and engaging lessons. Josh also takes his own personal time to show his support for the students. He goes to games, concerts, and dances. Not to mention he is also taking a part of the polar bear plunge. He is an approachable, empathetic and hardworking colleague that sets a true example for all! I feel incredibly fortunate to be in a department with him.
I nominate Josh Hares!  He is so eager to do whatever it takes to help a struggling student, or jump in to help other teachers.  He is also doing the Polar Plunge, which we all know is crazy.  He is a super asset to the district!!

Karen is truly a wonderful person. She does a great job every year organizing the teachers for the Polar Plunge- it's always a great time! She gets the Interact Club and Senior class to do so much, whether it's the Haunted Hallways, the Polar Plunge, the Blood Drive, Pasta Dinner, etc. Even though she works behind the scenes on a lot of things, the school would be lost without her.
I’d like to nominate Jeanne Pratt for The Laker Way award.  She gives her “extra 10 percent” to support both our middle school and high school students every day.  At any given time, she has 3 things going on in her room:
  1. High School students making up tests in the Testing Center
  2. Middle School students receiving Dreambox math support
  3. High School students her room as a quiet break place.
With each of these three groups, the students are supported because of the relationships Jeanne builds with them.  Students who might otherwise not seek or receive support do because of her.  She doesn’t take any of these three roles for granted.  She gives everything she has to them.  For example, Jeanne describes herself as bad at math and afraid of it.  But every day she monitors students’ progress on Dreambox and, when she sees a student struggling, she doesn’t wait for them to ask for help.  She goes to them and just gives it.  Because of this, students spend less time struggling unproductively and spinning their wheels and spend more time learning.

Without a doubt I would have to nominate the maintenance crew for working all night to help get the water main break fixed...When I walked in that morning I asked them if they were here all night...Yup, they answered...But didn't complain...Working a full 7-3 shift and then coming back in at 7-8 o'clock at night to work until school opens the next day...That's 110 percent...

We nominate the teachers who dressed up in Scooby Doo costumes and braved the icy waters and biting winds of Skaneateles Lake on Saturday, all in the name of fun and fundraising to support education and safety.  Thanks to members of the school community and broader community, they raised $1, 610 to go to SAVEs, the Fire Department and the Skaneateles Education Foundation.  The enthusiasm, spirit, and dedication that they exude out there individually and collectively is inspiring.  Here's to:  Mary Blum, Justin Suhr, Dan Kurzen, and Brian Sevey in the high school ... (and also to Corey Riley, Josh Williams and Josh Hares in the MS/HS, and Bob Broddus from State Street school).
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