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Waterman Weblinks!

This website was created to help students use the internet for school related activities in a safe environment.   You may bookmark this page at home so your child may visit these sites. 
Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2
Special Library Links Parents  

Links for Everyone

1. Money Games and Much More! 

2. IXL Math Math games from Pre K to Geometry.


3. Enchanted Learning Use Little Explorer Dictionary to find great information! Some features require membership outside of school.

4. Grolier Online Free access to Grolier’s New Book of Knowledge from school computers only.

5. MIKIDS  A wide variety of interactive games for all K-2 classes collected by Carolyn Gundrum, teacher-author from Michigan.

6. Dositey Math and Language Arts programs, games and worksheets for K-2

7. Spelling City Spelling/sight word practice and games.

8.  Veterans Day for Kids K-5 

9.  Winter Holidays  Find out about Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa with these read-to-me activities.

10. Seusville

11. Dental Health Games

12. Story Line

13. Keyboarding games

      Paratrooper Sheep                                

      ABC Jumpers


Reading Readiness

1. Starfall  Reading and Stories                                                         Image result for Playing kids          

2. ABC Ya Pre reading and Sight Recognition Games

3. Mighty Books  Animated read aloud books, songs and games

4. Rhyme with Reggie

5. Initial Sounds Picture Match


6. Peep and the Big Wide World


7. Banana 411

8. Count Along to 100 

9. Snakes and Ladders 

10. Music Patterns

Build a Neighborhood!

Dental Health Games

Pond Activities

Build a Pond

Guessing Games

11. What's in the Bag


12. Interactive Fire Prevention/ Printables

13. Count chickens and identify numbers

14. Shape Name Game

15. Clubhouse Activities

16. Complete a self portrait using vocabulary words( family project)

17. Personalize an all “About Me” story

18. Choose to decorate your harvest pumpkin

19. Explore the alphabet

20. Alphabet Zoo

21. Leo's Matching Letters

22. Decorate an Evergreen Tree with Jan Brett

23. Help the Mayflower find it’s way to the New World  Must print

24. Letter Match Game

25. Follow directions to complete snowy pictures

26. Follow directions to make a silly turkey

27. Review the alphabet using animated pictures

28. Help build an alien

29. Let’s count to the 100th Day of school

30. Help observe a calendar to check on Groundhog’s Day

31. Use Valentine hearts to create a special valentine message

32. Follow written directions to find a four leaf clover

33. Help Miss Spider and Dragon collect honey for a tea party( counting game)

34. Search for hidden seashells

35. An animal matching game

36. Help Henry color his eggs using primary colors to make new colors

37.   Cracking Eggs

38.   Special Eggs

39.  Walk, Swim or Fly


Image result for computer Playing kidsABC Ya for Grade 1


1. Science Vocabulary Games                                            

2. Root Race

3. Learn more about Animals Games

4. Animal Classification

5. Learn more about Endangered Animals

6. Food Chain Game

7. Learn more about Ocean Animals

8. Shedd Aquarium Interactives

9. Monterey Bay Aquarium

10. Online Fish Painting



Earth Day Activities

Free the Beach

Clean Up Your World

 Recycling Game

Earth Day Painting, Memory Games, Puzzles & Word Games



11. Shape Identification

12. Counting 10s and 1s

13. Place Value Football

14. Place Value Eaters    (like Math Blasters)

15. Interactive Clock  Test your time-telling skills!

16Counting Money 

17. More Counting Money (the slide and thumb!)

18. Peter Pig's Money Counter

19.  Money for the Fishbowl


20.  Grade 1 Interactive Math Sites (Topic Index)

21. Adding Three Numbers

22.  Adding Tens

23.  Counting Sequence

24. Connect the Dots   Make a dog by counting by 5’s

25. Counting by 2’s   Click on the fish that comes next

26. Counting by 10’s

27. Addition Fact Practice   Pop Up Games

28. Subtraction Practice Pop Up Games

29. Addition Fact Practice Matching Games

30. Subtraction Fact Practice Matching games

31.  Snakes and Ladders

32.  Math Magician


33. Learn more about Food Groups

34. More Food Groups

35. Food Name Bingo

36. Food Puzzles

37. Learn more about Our Bodies

Dental Health

38. Toothbrush Patch

39. A Visit to The Dentist Movie

40. Find the Germs

Language Arts

41. Learn to Read Activities

42. Pirate Songs and Stories

43.  Clifford the Big Red Dog  Interactive Storybooks & Phonics Games

44. Sentence Parts

45. Nina Names Things

46. Rhyme with Reggie

47. Word Families

48.  Starfall  Reading and Stories

49. A to Z

50. Peter Rabbit

51. Pirate Pronouns and othe games

52.  Contractions Match Game

53. Writing Contractions

54.   Treasure Chest Contractions

Social Studies


55. The First Thanksgiving - Voyage on the Mayflower

56. Pilgrims & Native Americans  Compare & Contrast

57. The Thanksgiving Feast Slide Show

58. Pirate Concentration

Grade 2 Links

1. ABC Ya Computer Games 


2. Online practice with many different math skills.

3. Add 1 and 2 digit numbers with and without trades

4. Subtract 1 and 2 digit numbers with and without trades

5. Telling Time game for 2 players

6. Activities for telling time

7. Flash cards for telling time

8. Matching coins to money amounts

9. Choosing coins to get to a money amount

10. Find coins for money amounts

11. Write money amounts shown with real money

12. Lots of math activities

13. Practice math facts, timed or untimed

14. Drag the answer to a spot on an addition grid to reveal a picture

15. Fact practice

16. Place darts on a board to reach a target score

17. 2-digit addition with trades, shows how to make the trade

18.  Math Magician

19. 3-digit addition with trades, shows how to make the trade

20. 2-digit subtraction with trades, shows how to make the trade

21. Math baseball game

22. Adding 2-digit numbers

23. Practice choosing digits in correct place values

24. Guess a number, gives higher or lower clues to get you to the right number

Language Arts

25. Language Arts and Math skills games and activities

26. Short paragraphs to proofread and edit

27. Reading skills practice, including main idea, compare/contrast, sequencing, etc.

28. Tests students’ abilities to find certain parts of stories

29. Ideas for stories and paragraphs using picture prompts, title ideas, mind nudgers  and starters

30. Comprehension checks for friendly letters, stories, reports, paragraphs etc.

31. Grammar practice

32. Definitions and examples of all kinds of grammar words

33. Match the word to hear emphasis on vowel sounds

34. Game with emphasis on vowel combinations

35. Spelling practice for high frequency words and spelling patterns (Some British spellings)

36. Pick the word that is spelled incorrectly and spell it correctly

37. Antonym practice

38. Synonym practice

39. More synonym practice

40. Fill in madlibs with parts of speech

41. Choose the parts of speech from sentences

42. Match the words to create a compound word

43. Compound word match game

44. Choose the correct homophone to complete the sentence

45. Practice with multiple meaning words

46. Main idea

47. Online illustrated stories for the kids to read

48. Choose rhyme, rhythm or alliteration for poems

49. Contraction Practice



50. Weather Kids

51. Weather Channel for Kids

52. Gases, liquids and solids demonstration

53. Higher level reading, but good information on animals in the various habitats.

54. Farm Animals

55. Earth Day games and activities, some are difficult

56. Earth Day game with The Lorax

57. Food chain information and chart

58. A-Z Animals

59. Animal exploration

60. Webquest on food groups

61. Habitats

a.  Rainforests        b.  Deserts   c. Temperate Forests  d. Animals & Habitats

e. Student Video of Backyard Habitat   f. Creature Feature   g. Deep Sea

h.  Desert Biome

 62. Your Ears

63. Mission Nutrition

64.  Nutrition Cafe

65. Food Champs

Social Studies

66. Branches of Government

67. White House

68. Congress for Kids

69.  About community helpers

70. Info and activities about government

71. U.S. Symbols exploration

72. Biographies for kids with activities

73. Map and short description of places you’ll find in your neighborhood

74.  Flag printout with cloze activity about the flag

75.  Picture and information on Statue of Liberty

76.   Symbols of the US

77.  Teacher site printouts for reading maps

78.  Map reading activities

79.  Teacher Site printouts for maps

80.  Goods and Services

81.  Goods and services 2

82. Cool links to some goods and services games

83. Chart showing some needs and wants

84. Winter Olympics


Special Library Links


1. Online Catalog

2.  Tumblebook Library

3.   eSebco

4.  Flenniken Public Library

5.  Monarch Library

6. Accelerated Reader


Resources for Parents  


Good Parent Activities

Grade 1


Learn what Spelling Concepts are taught in Grade 1


Learn more about our Science Program

Science Vocabulary Games


Teacher resource:  Print out activities for grammar skills


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