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Library Curriculum

Curriculum Overview:


Is introduced to:

  • Print goes from left to right
  • Book care
    • How to turn pages
    • How to transport to and from school
    • How to keep in a safe place at home away from food, pets, and younger children
  • Parts of a book
    • Spine, spine label, book jacket, book cover, title, author, illustrator, publisher
  • Fiction books

Is exposed to:

  • A variety of literature, rich in language (i.e. Nursery Rhymes, Caldecott Medal Books, and Non-Fiction)

First Grade

  • Reviews book care and parts of book
  • Is introduced to the title page
  • Studies how fiction is organized, practices finding spine labels in 3 different fiction collections-everyone, holiday, and chapter
  • Is introduced to non-fiction books

Is exposed to:

  • A variety of literature rich in language. There is greater emphasis on folklore, storytelling, and Caldecott Medal books

Second Grade

  • Reviews book care, parts of book, fiction, and non-fiction
  • Is introduced to the encyclopedia, what it is and how it's organized
  • Searches are done in print and at a bookmarked site online

Is exposed to:

  • A variety of literature rich in language. Biographies and legends are introduced
  • Contemporary stories from other lands, folklore, and Caldecott Medal books are featured




Kenneth G. Slentz, Superintendent
45 East Elizabeth Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152
Phone: 315-291-2221

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