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Skaneateles School District
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Skaneateles Central Middle School
Clubs/Extracurricular Activities 2022-2023

A Capella - Middle C's
Advisor:  Ms. Anna
Meets:  Dependent on student interest
Open to any middle schooler. Mostly student run (with teacher supervision and assistance). Sing more popular, current songs without any instrumental accompaniment. 

Book Club
Advisor:  Ms. Gunderson
Meets:  Monthly
Open to any middle school student who is interested in sharing literature appreciation with their peers. Everyone reads a book of his/her choice and discusses the book with the group.

Clay Target Club 
Advisor:  Mr. King
Meets:  In the spring, twice per week
We welcome all skill levels, including those with no experience.  In order to participate, the United States High School Clay Target League requires that you have successfully taken and passed a hunter education course.

Drama Club
Advisor:  Ms. Anna
Meets:  Wednesdays during AP
Any middle schooler can attend. Drama games; monologues; scene work; audition prep, etc.

Fishing Club
Advisor:  Julie Piascik
Meets:  2-4 times per month (based on student availablilty)
The Fishing club is open to any middle schooler that is interested in fishing. Meetings are not on a regular basis but are announced on the morning annoucements with plenty of notice prior. The club will go to various local fishing spots via school transportation. Students may bring their own poles if they have them. If not, poles are provided.

Handbell Choir (with HS)
Advisor:  Ms. Anna
Meets:  AM on Wednesdays
Open to any middle schooler. Learn to read music notes and play tone chimes in an instrumental-like "choir." 

Jazz Lab
Advisor:  Ms. Scuderi
Meets:  Monday during AP and the second Monday of the month from 7-8pm
Focuses on learning the basics of Jazz style and playing in a Jazz ensemble. Open to all.

Laker Club
Advisor:  Ms. Rogala
Meets:  Monthly
A student led group with a focus on community outreach. Open to all MS students, Laker Club activities include baking, crafting, raising funds for local charities and rallying Laker pride throughout the school year. Always looking for new ways to help our community, join the Laker Club and bring your creative input to our monthly meetings.

Latin Club
Advisor:  Ms. Hensel
Meets:  2-4 times per month based on student availability
Junior Classical League (Latin Club) is open to current and former Latin students. JCL is part of a national organization intended to encourage an interest in and appreciation of the language, literature and cultrue of ancient Greece and Rome. To impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity. Members will prepare for and attend conventions where they meet with Latin students in other schools and compete quiz-bowl style in the academic 'certamen'.

Math Olympiad
Advisor:  Ms. Viggiano
Meets:  Mondays during AP
Open to any middle school student that loves a challenge! Meetings will consist of practice days and contest days. During the practice times, students will work together to solve challenging math problems. Contests are done individually and are timed.

National Junior Honor Society
Advisor:  Ms. Gunderson
Meets:  Periodically
The National Junior Honor society is a nationwide organization, which recognizes middle school students who excel in four areas: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Eighth grade students with a cumulative average of 93.00% for grades 6 and 7 will be eligible for membership. In addition, the eligible students must submit three teacher recommendations, a list of school activities, community service, and a composition on their reasons for being a qualified candidate. Students must maintain an overall 90 average to remain a member. Two consecutive 10 week averages below 90 will result in removal from the NJHS organization.

Odyssey of the Mind
Advisor:  Ms. Wolford
Meets:  TBD by each team
This is a creative problem-solving competition involving long term and short-term problems.  Students form teams of 5-7 members, select one problem from the 5 available and work together to create a unique solution to the problem.  Regional competition is held in March, State Competition in April, World Competition in May.  Any student in grades 6-8 may form a team to compete in Odyssey of the Mind at the Division II level.

Select Choir
Advisor:  Ms. Anna
Meets:  TBD
Auditions only--choir students.

Ski Club
Advisor:  Ms. Hoffman
Meets:  Six Thursdays in Jan & Feb
Beginner to Advanced skiers are welcome. Students ski at Song Mountain once a week to enjoy skiing with their peers.

Solar Panel Club
Advisor:  Mr. Kurzen
Meets: Twice a month, based on student availability
Our goals are to learn about the science behind solar panels and their environmental impact, and to pursue funding and support from the school district and community to install solar panels on our campus.

Student Council
Advisor:  Mr. Stagnitta
Meets:  1-2 times per month
Purpose and Objectives of the Skaneateles Middle School Student Council
The purpose and objectives of the Skaneateles middle school Student Council shall be to:
a.  unify the student body and cultivate a climate of school spirit and pride 
b.  foster school and community involvement
c.  exemplify respect, responsibility and leadership
d. represent student body interests and concerns
a.  Student council representatives and officers are elected in October and hold that position until the end of the school year.
b.  Class representatives will be elected in their first period classes in September
c.  Student council officers and class representatives will be elected through a democratic electoral process.
The  student council officers positions are the following:  President,  Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Student Council Members:
Appointed Student Council Members are expected to help out at Student Council events and attend monthly meetings.
·         The officers meet anywhere from 1-3 times a week.
·         Form committees (student council reps) to work on different projects throughout the year.
The entire student council will meet at least around 1 time per month.
Events the student council is involved in and run throughout the year are the following:
      Plan days for Spirit week
      Attend monthly meetings
      Leadership lunches
      Plan, organize, and run Dinosaur Barbecue fundraiser
      Organize and plan for the Holiday Shopping Spree Event.
      Plan and run Hat days and Pajamas days
      Plan and organize Celebrate 8

Advisor:  Ms. Scuderi
Meets:  1-2 times per month
Open to any middle schooler, this is a music honor society that does service projects with a musical emphasis. 
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