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Skaneateles School District
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New Skaneateles Staff Take the Podium at New Staff Orientation

New Skaneateles Central School District staff were in the spotlight on Tuesday, August 23 at new staff orientation. As new staff arrived at the District Office, they were greeted by administration and learned of the surprise in store for them: a press conference.

“You are all going to be a part of our introductory press conference, because this is a big deal,” said Gregory Santoro, Director of Personnel and Operations.

Superintendent Eric Knuth kicked off the press conference by welcoming the staff to the District.

“It’s big. It’s special,” said Knuth. “Our goal is to have you here for a lifetime. We want you to learn with us and grow with us.”

Knuth then called each new staff member up to the podium and shook hands with each person. All new staff in attendance stated their positions with the District, what they were looking forward to the most, and how they were feeling about the start of the 2022-23 school year.

The overwhelming response? “Excited.”

After getting to know their peers, new staff were introduced to their mentors and the administrative cabinet. They also heard from other members of the Skaneateles school community before taking a bus tour throughout the District.

After the bus tour, new staff and administration broke bread at the Sherwood Inn.

“The whole idea of this is to have some fun and make this day special to really welcome you to the Skaneateles family,” said Knuth.

A list of new staff, including those who have moved to other positions in the District, is below.

High School
Jessie Alberici, Teacher Aide
Michael Caraccio, Principal
John Christopher, Earth Science
Peter DeStefano, Teacher Aide
Barbara Drozynski, Guidance Counselor Substitute
Courtney Spinelli, Biology

Middle School
Leanne Gray, Spanish
Michael Olley, Principal

State Street School
Chelsea Hamilton, Art
Alyssa Kirley, School Psychologist
Erin Young, Special Education

Waterman School
Pamela Anastasio, Reading
Mary Margaret Biss, Teacher Aide
Michaela Cool, Grade 1
Karen Drew, Teacher Assistant
Chelsea Hamilton, Art
Melissa Henry, Kindergarten
Alyssa Kirley, School Psychologist
Robert Matson, Grade 2
Jennifer Clancy McBride, Teacher Aide
Olivia Randolph, Grade 1

Natalie Andrianos, Administrative Assistant
Alicia Bruno, Food Service Helper
Larry Helmer, Custodial Worker
Gregory Santoro, Director of Personnel and Operations
Kelly Sears, UPK
Rebecca Sweet, Custodial Worker

New Staff Orientation

New Staff Orientation

Bus Tour

Sherwood Inn Lunch

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