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Skaneateles High School is Proud to Award the COSBA 2022 Award to Grace Peterson

Skaneateles High School is proud to award the COSBA 2022 Award to Grace Peterson.

“Grace is a wonderful ambassador of Skaneateles High School. Her accolades are bountiful, and her ambition and drive are unequivocally represented in the fact that she is graduating a year early.  As an early graduate, Grace was required to take summer classes and double up in other curricular areas to meet all state and local requirements. She did this with great dedication, and her overall GPA puts her among the ranks of the most distinguished students in our high school. Grace made the decision to graduate early mostly because she wanted to dedicate more time to her personally established business in the fashion industry, before heading off to college. Grace is the epitome of the “well-rounded" student, her investments in both academics and extra-curricular activities are abundant. It takes great persistence to graduate early and advancing to the next phase of her education a year in advance is an undertaking that is reserved for our most mature students. When presented with this request, I had no reservations and fully supported Grace. From a character standpoint, Grace is unequivocally an advocate for herself and her peers, and she presents as fair, understanding and compassionate. She extends herself to others in a helping manner and truly embodies the qualities we encourage all of our students to adhere to. I am delighted that Grace is being recognized for this award.”- Mary Lou Ingram, School Guidance Counselor
“Grace is a delight to have in class. During her junior year of high school, Grace was a student in my 12th grade Composition and Literature class.  She is a mature, intelligent, self-motivated student and I am pleased to write her a letter of recommendation.  Her maturity is demonstrated in part by her decision to enroll in a college level course during her junior year of high school.  The course provides students with the opportunity to earn OCC English 103 and OCC English 104 credit in preparation for the academic world beyond high school.  Grace rose to the challenge. Whether contributing to class discussions, group projects or simply writing an essay, Grace was an active and enthusiastic participant in the class.  As the class environment was conducive to small group work and discussions, she took advantage of the opportunity to share her responses with her classmates and she could often be counted on to elaborate on and/or contribute to the subject.  While another student might have been intimidated at the prospect of presenting to and working with students a full year older, Grace instead proved her academic acumen over and over again (all the while with a smile on her face).  I wish her the very best!”- Aisha McConochy, English Teacher

“Grace exemplifies “The Laker Way” motto by giving 110% of herself in everything she does and by demonstrating the qualities that Skaneateles High School strives to instill in its students.  Grace will be taking a gap year to dedicate more time to her business in the fashion industry before heading off to college. We wish her the very best of luck and hope that she will return now and then to share her many successes with us.”-  Gregory Santoro, Principal, Skaneateles High School

Grace Peterson
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