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Project 2021 Progress Continues to Move Forward

SKANEATELES, NY (May 22, 2018) – The Skaneateles Central Schools Board of Education recently held an informational meeting for the community which provided further details on the district’s upcoming capital improvement project known as Project 2021.

Approved by district voters in November of 2017, district officials are now working closely with the design team at Ashley McGraw Architects.

Ed McGraw and Krista Hannacker were a part of the informational meeting, and helped to get everyone up to speed on where the team stands.

The project has been divided into two phases, with Phase I focusing on the water issue in the Waterman Primary School crawlspace and Phase II keying on the remainder of the district.

“Early on we determined that the water in the crawlspace at Waterman was top priority,” said Hannacker.  “We got all of our teams together right away and spent some time in the crawlspace.  Before long we were working together to identify issues, solving some in a matter of hours and making plans to permanently correct the issue within the project.”

An interior drain is now a part of the plans for the Waterman crawlspace as well as an interior membrane that will cover the entire floor and move up the walls to control moisture from moving under the foundation and into the basement.

Increasing air movement in the crawlspace is also a key part of the project with the team planning to install large fans to help move the air in and out of the basement.

All of the plans as a part of Phase I have already been submitted into SED as of mid-January of this year, with approvals expected by the fall which will allow bidding on the project to begin by the end of the year.

If all goes as planned, Phase I construction will begin in the spring of 2019.

With Phase I out for approval, the design team and district officials are now in the process of tailoring the needs for Phase II.

The current process has included a series of meetings, tours and collaborative sessions with the design team alongside administrators, teachers and students to best ensure that each scope item in Phase II best meets the vision and mission of the district.

The projected Phase II timeline would see SED approval returning in the summer of 2019 with project bidding out in the fall of that year.  If all goes as planned, construction would begin on Phase II in the summer of 2020 with completion of the entire project in the summer of 2021.

Continued updates on Project 2021 can be found at the Project 2021 quick link on the main page of

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