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Name Location Job Position Email Website
Jaeger, Lisa Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I
Jarvis, Maureen Skaneateles SHS TEACHER mjarvis Website
Jones, Colleen CSD of Skaneateles TYPIST I cjones
Jones, Jamie Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I jamiejones
Kane, Timothy Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I
Kapuscinski, Dan CSD of Skaneateles SCHOOL INFORMATION OFFICER dkapuscinski Website
Kapuscinski, Daniel CSD of Skaneateles dkapuscinski Website
Kerr, Lisa Skaneateles MS TEACHER lkerr Website
Kimm, Amy CSD of Skaneateles Administrative Assistant AKIMM Website
King, Jill Skaneateles MS TEACHER jnking Website
King, John Skaneateles SHS TEACHER jcking
Klunder, Courtney Skaneateles MS TEACHER cklunder
Kramerson, Alanna Skaneateles SHS TEACHER akramerson Website
Kringer, Micheal Skaneateles SHS TEACHER mkringer Website
Kula, Barbara CSD of Skaneateles PAYROLL CLERK bkula
Kurzen, Daniel Skaneateles SHS TEACHER dkurzen Website
Kush, Theodore Skaneateles SHS TEACHER ASSISTANT tkush
Lamberton, Todd Skaneateles MS TEACHER tlambert
Lamphere, Keith Skaneateles MS TEACHER klampher
Lawson, Martha Skaneateles SHS TEACHER AIDE mlawson
Leubner, Rebecca State Street IS TEACHER AIDE rleubner
Lewis, Douglas Skaneateles SHS TEACHER dlewis Website
Lieber, Shirley CSD of Skaneateles DRIVER/MESSENGER slieber
Litterbrant, Terry Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I tlitterb
Litterbrant, Wendy State Street IS TYPIST II WLITTERB Website
Lobello, Carolyn Waterman Elementary TYPIST I clobello
Luczak, Sandra Waterman Elementary TEACHER AIDE sluczak
Lynch, Echo State Street IS SPEECH PATHOLOGIST elynch Website
Maclachlan, Elaine Buildings & Grounds Assistant Director of Facilities emaclach
Magruder, Kathleen State Street IS TEACHER ASSISTANT kmagrude
Maitland, Cherri Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I cmaitlan
Major, Mary Skaneateles MS TEACHER mamajor
Major, Michael Skaneateles SHS PRINCIPAL mmajor
Major, Mitchell Skaneateles MS TEACHER mimajor
Mancini, Lori Waterman Elementary TEACHER lmancini
Mantella, Charles Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I
Matson, Alaina Skaneateles SHS TEACHER akelly
Mazzeo, Della Waterman Elementary TYPIST II dmazzeo Website
McCarthy, Irene Skaneateles MS TEACHER AIDE imccarth
Mcconochy, Aisha Skaneateles SHS TEACHER amcconochy Website
McCune, Kayla Waterman Elementary TEACHER kmccune
Mckee, Kristin Waterman Elementary TEACHER kmckee
Mcquiggan, Kelley State Street IS TEACHER kmcquigg
Mercado, Christine Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I
Meyer, Jessica Skaneateles SHS TEACHER jmeyer
Michel, Gigi Skaneateles SHS Counseling Career Assistant Gmichel Website
Miller, Jennifer Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I
Milne, Lori Buildings & Grounds TYPIST I lmilne
Montreal, Anne State Street IS TEACHER amontrea Website
Moon, Diane Skaneateles SHS TEACHER dmoon
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Kenneth G. Slentz, Superintendent
45 East Elizabeth Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152
Phone: 315-291-2221

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