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Name Location Job Position Email Website
Delaney, Joseph Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I jdelaney
DeMass, Robert Skaneateles SHS TEACHER rdemass Website
DeMass, Christine CSD of Skaneateles Business Manager cdemass
Dennihy, Donna Waterman Elementary TEACHER ddennihy
Derosa, Nancy Skaneateles SHS TEACHER ASSISTANT nderosa
DeRosalia, Mikhel State Street IS Nurse mderosalia
Dickerson, Christine Skaneateles MS TEACHER AIDE cdickers
Dmochowski, Suzanne State Street IS TEACHER sdmochow Website
Donahue, Patricia Skaneateles SHS TEACHER tdonahue
Donahue, Jennifer Skaneateles MS TEACHER jdonahue Website
Drozynski, Barbara Skaneateles SHS GUIDANCE bdrozyns
Duckett, Karen Skaneateles MS TEACHER AIDE kduckett
Dudden, Tammy Skaneateles SHS AUDIO VIS AIDE tdudden
Dunham, Mary Skaneateles MS TEACHER mdunham
Dunphy, Karen CSD of Skaneateles Secretary to the Superintendent and District Clerk kdunphy
Dye, Miranda Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I mdye
Feocco, Kimberly Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I
Feocco, Penny Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I
Feocco, Johanna Cafeteria FOOD SERVICE HELPER I
Ferrare, Daniel Skaneateles SHS TEACHER dferrare Website
Foehl, Carl Skaneateles MS, Skaneateles SHS Teacher Assistant cfoehl
Fortais, Nancy State Street IS, Waterman Elementary TEACHER nfortais Website
Fortino, Jenel Skaneateles SHS TEACHER jfortino
Frame, Ann Skaneateles MS TEACHER AIDE aframe
Frechette, David Skaneateles SHS, Skaneateles MS PSYCHOLOGIST dfrechette
Fussner, Mary Waterman Elementary TEACHER mfussner
Garrett, Richard Skaneateles SHS TEACHER rgarrett Website
Gerst, Gary CSD of Skaneateles Director of Learning ggerst Website
Gillen, Kathleen Skaneateles MS SPEECH PATHOLOGIST kgillen
Glowacki, Helen Waterman Elementary TEACHER hglowacki
Godfrey, Robin Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I rgodfrey
Goodell, Rebecca State Street IS TEACHER bgoodell Website
Gray, Brittany Skaneateles SHS NURSE bgray
Grubbs, Barry Buildings & Grounds CUSTODIAL WORKER I bgrubbs
Gruninger, Linda Waterman Elementary TEACHER lgruninger Website
Gunderson, Kelly Skaneateles MS Library Media Specialist kgunderson Website
Guy, Marcus Skaneateles SHS TEACHER mguy
Hale, Tracy Skaneateles SHS TEACHER thale
Hamilton, Susan Waterman Elementary TEACHER shamilto
Hardy, Kate Skaneateles SHS TEACHER kschneider
Hares, Joshua Skaneateles MS, Skaneateles SHS TEACHER jhares
Hart, Brian State Street IS PSYCHOLOGIST bhart
Hendrix, Gisella State Street IS TEACHER ghendrix Website
Henry, Melissa Waterman Elementary TEACHER mhenry
Herr, Kathleen State Street IS TEACHER kherr
Hoadley, Peter Buildings & Grounds phoadley
Hoffman, Cheryl Skaneateles MS TEACHER AIDE choffman
Hutson, Michelle State Street IS TYPIST II Mhutson Website
Hyatt, Elisabette State Street IS TEACHER ehyatt
Ingram, Mary Lou Skaneateles SHS GUIDANCE mingram
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Kenneth G. Slentz, Superintendent
45 East Elizabeth Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152
Phone: 315-291-2221

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